How does it all work?

What do you get?

You send us the project Wav files of your songs making sure they have been consolidated and all start at the same point. They can be uploaded to our account here.

We then proceed to mix the tracks to the level you requested and when completed send you back a 16bit file of the mix.This will be semi mastered / normalised so you can compare to normal records.  With the Control Room ‘Full Mix’ option, more time will be spent on Vocals, making sure they sit properly in the mix and manually adjusting each part of the performance. Also Instrument dynamics will be worked on closely, making sure the song arrangement builds to keep the listeners attention.

With the Control Room ‘Tweaked Full Mix’ a live broadcast is set up with you at home or in your studio and can be played back live to other band members in different locations. If you like the ‘Full Mix’ but would like some minor changes made this is a great solution as you will work with the engineer and be hearing the changes as they happen. This usually takes around 2 – 3 hours and after, the engineer will proceed to the mastering stage then send a completed Full Master file.  An Instrumental and TV Backing track will also be provided at no charge. With this option mastering of the track will be included.

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We understand you’ll have questions about these options. Maybe you’ll have several songs you would like mixed / mastered and want to know about options for this. Please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your budget with you and provide a comparable solution.


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