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“Kenny has a rare sense of balance as a mix engineer. His deep understanding of how to manage the noise floor and the signal chain comes from thirty years experience as a drummer, mixer and producer. He is meticulous and patient. He can foresee how to record and mix a song in the same way an architect envisions a building. This skill greatly improves the structure of the recorded work. He works co-operatively with you on the mix as he dials in different types of analogue and plug in eq, reverb and compression across the many channels to create a natural sounding track that allows the listeners ears to breathe.” 

David Allan, CEO, Moving Production 
Recording & Mixing on SSL & Neve
Recording & Mixing with Classic Outboard
Pro Tools 12 - HDX

Our Recording Mixing Mastering Service...

Beautifully designed spacious control room with both SSL and Neve consoles giving our engineers ultimate flexibility during recording and mix sessions. With this combination of consoles, Pro Tools HDX and all the outboard – The options are endless.


An impressive array of vintage outboard equipment including Pultec valve EQs,  Black Faced Urei 1176 Compressors, Focusrite Eqs, Neve Compressors and one of only 3 left – The AWA Valve Compressor, a favourite of Kieth Richards. All of which can be used on any instrument or vocal during a mix and now with Pro Tools 12 ‘Commit’ can be used multiple times.


Large inviting and warm sounding recording areas exposed to the roof giving options for big ambient sounds or a tighter more intimate sound by using the screened off areas to either side of the control room. Check out our recording studio in auckland site for more details. We can also provide great session players to add to your mix. Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals etc. 


With custom designed Far Field monitors embedded in a 43 ton volcanic andesite stone wall you can be sure of a complete and highly accurate monitoring experience. This control room is like no other when it comes to meticulous playback of your mix.

A few of Kenny's previous clients

A few Videos of previous work

James Diener - CEO - A&M Records

 "Keep up the awesome work guys! Love the touches you made."

David Rose - Senior A&R Director at Universal Records

 "I'm a Happy Bunny!"

Geoff Travis - Owner - Rough Trade

" A pleasure to work with again"

Noma Sio-Salapu - Producer - Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

 "Simply Beautiful Work"

Lukas Iselin CEO ALLE TÖNE Switzerland

"Absolutely wonderful work done by Kenny, we are very happy with the result. He even composed an additional string track which is now part of the song. Thanks for your work and for your friendliness!"

Nick Angel - Director of A&R for Island Records

"The mixes are sick!"

David Allan - CEO Moving Production

"I have worked extensively with Kenny since 2010 in four different studios, recording and mixing full band live takes roots reggae. In 2015, we worked together on mixing Unity Pacific's album "Blackbirder Dread" which won Best Roots album at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards. We did three to four mixes for each of the ten songs and A/B'd to Errol Brown's superb mix of Julian Marley's "Rosehall". Nothing was too much trouble. Kenny is a worldly wise, humble Glaswegian who does not tell you he has thirty years experience in drumming, mixing and producing. His professionalism, 0.1 +- dB golden ears, unflinching critiques and musical friendship are highly recommended to anyone serious about their craft."
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Unity Pacific

Vodafone Music Award for Best Album.

Mixed By Kenny MacDonald of


Online Mixing and Mastering

Some of Previous Corporate Clients

I have been fortunate to work with many Major Record Companies, Film and TV Companies. We have developed long lasting relationships with some of the finest Artist and Repertoire people, Film Directors and Producers.

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